Over the air television and radio

I’d like to open this blog with this article first, because it very much applies to over the air TV right now:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/10/supreme-court-fcc-indecency_n_1197578.html

“WASHINGTON — In colorful give and take, the Supreme Court debated whether policing curse words and nudity on broadcast television makes sense in the cable era, one justice suggesting the policy is fast becoming moot as broadcast TV heads the way of “vinyl records and 8-track tapes.”

The case involves programing that is available to all viewers free over the air – even though many now receive it through paid cable connections – during hours when children are likely to be watching.

Some justices said they were troubled by inconsistent standards that allowed certain words and displays in some contexts but not in others.

One example frequently cited by the networks was the Federal Communications Commission’s decision not to punish ABC for airing “Saving Private Ryan,” with its strong language, while objecting to the same words when uttered by celebrities on live awards shows.

Justice Elena Kagan said the FCC policy was, “Nobody can use dirty words or nudity except Steven Spielberg,” director of the World War II movie. Other justices seemed more open to maintaining the current rules because they allow parents to put their children in front of the television without having to worry they will be bombarded by vulgarity.

Chief Justice John Roberts, the only member of the court with young children, hammered away at that point. Robert wondered why broadcasters would oppose FCC regulation, especially when cable and satellite service can offer hundreds of channels with few restrictions.

“All we are asking for, what the government is asking for, is a few channels where … they are not going to hear the S-word, the F-word, they are not going to see nudity.”

Justice Antonin Scalia placed himself on the side of the government. “These are public airwaves. The government is entitled to insist upon a certain modicum of decency. I’m not sure it even has to relate to juveniles, to tell you the truth.”

But at least one justice, Samuel Alito, talked about how rapidly technological change has effectively consigned vinyl records and 8-tracks to the scrap heap, suggesting that in a rapidly changing universe, time will take care of the dispute. Already nearly nine of 10 households subscribe to cable or satellite television and viewers can switch among broadcast and other channels with a button on their remote controls.” >>> see link for rest of story

:”…But at least one justice, Samuel Alito, talked about how rapidly technological change has effectively consigned vinyl records and 8-tracks to the scrap heap, suggesting that in a rapidly changing universe, time will take care of the dispute. Already nearly nine of 10 households subscribe to cable or satellite television and viewers can switch among broadcast and other channels with a button on their remote controls. “I’m sure your clients will continue to make billions of dollars on their programs which are transmitted by cable and by satellite and by Internet. But to the extent they are making money from people who are using rabbit ears, that is disappearing,” Alito said.

Alito thinks we will buy the argument that censorship is not needed because no one is watching. He knows FULL WELL that everyone is watching, and his ultimatum is to infest the airwaves with garbage. This is an organized plan. 

Readers may be left thinking the fight is about trying to prove over the air TV and radio is not dead! You say “wait a minute, those guys forgot all about us poor people!” Not only have you not been forgotten, you’ve been particularly addressed. The good judge wants you to think it’s about over the air and how it doesn’t really need censorship as it’s not even being watched anyway- a lie- a deliberate, evil, hateful lie-and Alito makes it all a mere trifle in the process.  Alito also claims that advertisersdo not make money off of people using rabbit ears. Cable providers buy their programming FROM networks- not the other way round. Alito is doing what is called “side stepping”: drawing your attention elsewhere. Also known as bait and switch, swapping the prize pig for the runt,he deliberately evades his true intent which is to bombard the public with sickening images and talk and not be held accountable for it. 

Then the common yet erroneous belief held by many that older technology is not as “good” as newer, just on prejudiced assumption based on the age of the technology alone. Alito and those like him hope no one complains about what’s on TV, so their agenda to infest the airwaves with foulness can go on unhindered. They act like the “ends” were not the result of the “means”. Uncensored airwaves isn’t the accidental result of unhindered content! It’s the entire PLAN from the beginning.  Remember the “mad moms” of the 70s that would make a big stink if someone said “darn” on a program during a time children could be watching? Those days are gone, friend. Welp, we might as well “dig in” and if we’re given a smorgasbord of channels to choose from, might as well graze off the free “Happy Hour” menu instead of paying out of pocket for “eating out” so ditch your pay TV satellite, Cable TV and don’t pay a dime for what’s on TV!  

You see my channels listing in the blue square on the lower left. Quite a few, and Phoenix AZ is not a huge market either. I admit, many of those channel numbers although they look tempting, are in Spanish. One channel you’ll never find on Cable TV is “Mexicanal” on 22-2, which is in the first few seconds of the clip. Pro bull-riding was on the other night, and it was really something. There was one particularly “lazy” bull and the rider, instead of trying to keep his hat on his head had no work to do but sit on that bull while he wandered around the corral to a boo-ing crowd. That bull even got the howdy-do to amble up to the bleachers, “sniff and scratch” the people in the grandstand and basically just stand there, when a quick thinking Mexican used his cowboy hat as a “shoo fly” and hit that bull on the head with the tip of his hat! Can you imagine? Funniest thing I saw on TV this week. 

“Other” over the air TV: Free to Air SATELLITE! Here’s a cool link that tells you about it: http://www.ftalist.com/ Satellite TV free to air aka FTA is a GOOD BUY. Satellite TV is not going to go “scrambled”. FTA satellite is completely free, and has been free for YEARS it just hasn’t caught on in N America yet, if ever. PressTV, Russia Today, 24/7 English language channels example here. Over 200 channels in the “clear”- and hundreds of strange and new radio stations as well. It takes about 24 minutes to scroll through all of the channels just one one satellite. In N America, aim it toward Galaxy 19: http://www.lyngsat.com/galaxy19.html


 I wondered if there were anything at all to find if I hooked up my old analog “obsolete” TV to an antenna. To get a listing of what’s on the channels that USED to have broadcast television, but are now occupied by the public service communications network,  see http://www.emforum.org/vforum/PSST/McGinnis.pdf. Channel 63 – which is in this video, has voice traffic, some sort of police activity. I can hear “Cave Creek” a local road mentioned. I am using a Terk FM radio antenna (not necessary, any antenna will do- I was experimenting) and added an amp to it to give it some juice

 if you don’t have antennae, do you have a length of cable TV wire? That’s your coax. The pointy part in the center of the tip at the end is what I called when I worked in cable the “stinger”. Attach something “antenna-ey” to that like a piece of wire with the end stripped off where it meets the stinger, make a good contact and I bet you can bring in plenty of over the air channels. I’ve made a log periodic antenna out of wire coathangers, pizza box, tin foil, hot glue and wire (soldering iron too, but not completely necessary) and it not only worked extremely well, it was a whole lot of fun putting it together! Look up instructions online plenty of examples: “Make your Own Hi Def coat hanger antenna”.  Look yourself! I am no good at technical writing, and the one’s I found on line were much better examples than I ever could do myself. Hi Def means nothing, it’s just a catch phrase.

Watching  free TV available instead of pay TV is not always deficient in channel availability. For instance: In Zip Code 94029 Menlo Park CA, ION-LIFE is listed on channel 65.3 (which happens to air a guilty pleasure of mine, “Style By Jury”) but for customers with cable TV, ION-LIFE is not available. ION’s flagship channel is, but not their sub channels! So, residents of Menlo Park are really missing out if they are on cable TV only. I envy their channel listings! http://www.titantv.com shows KBSWORLD on 36.2. KBS World! Korean Broadcasting is there, for you to watch- completely free. Californians really have the most number of television channels and most varied type of programming that I have found. The Los Angeles area I think would have to be the best, in terms of sheer number of channels. I would never subscribe to cable or satellite TV if I lived there, would you? Or, DO you? I don’t miss the cable TV shows I thought I couldn’t live without. If I miss them that badly, they are most likely available through some other format. My interest, however, is strictly “over the air broadcast” so I won’t go deeply into other subjects not apropo.